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This page shows APRS bulletin and announcement messages from the last 24 hours.

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Bulletins and announcements sent by stations within 500 km from your location
callsign ID message age
KA8YES-6 BLN SatGate West Virginia EN90ri 10m41s
Bulletins (BLN0 - BLN9)
callsign ID message age
CX2SA-AB BLN1 ((((((( CX2SA - Salto Uruguay ))))))) http://www.cx2sa.org 15m11s
CX2SA-AB BLN2 CX2SA-EM APRS Email - Example> your@maildomain Hello World! 15m9s
CX2SA-AB BLN3 Send message to CX2SA-WI like: F callsign to WHO-IS info 15m7s
CX2SA-AB BLN4 ((( CX2SA-S1 ))) iGATE-APRS Network http://cx2sa.net/iaprs.html 15m5s
CX2SA-AB BLN5 The latest iGATE-APRS servers list at http://cx2sa.org/SERVERS.TXT 15m3s
EA4CZ BLN0 Pase de la ISS en 5min: 145.800 & 145.825 12h53m
HG1PSO-2 BLN0 axdigi2018 || AX.25 packet radio digipeater || https://github.com/iddq/axdigi2018 8h1m
IN3AQK-7 BLN0 available for qso at 145500 fm in3qk jn56oo bolzano italy 5h5m
KG7BZ BLN0 Radio Working Group Meeting Sunday Jan 19 3h6m
PI1APA BLN0 PI1APA is the APRS digipeater and igate of Apeldoorn (Netherlands). 5h13m
PI1APA BLN1 See http://www.pi1apa.nl for more news and (technical) information. 2h52m
PI1APA BLN2 Please QSL via sysop PE2CJ. QSL is appreciated! 73 de Jacob; PE2CJ. 36m30s
PU5KOD-7 BLN0 Daniel K. (47)9.9105-5000 | pu5kod@yandex.com / Mafra - SC 21h31m
PU5KOD-7 BLN1 O APRS e um sistema de comunicacao, NAO UM RASTREADOR VEICULAR!!! 21h31m
PU5VEL-15 BLN2 5 CORPDEC 8h15m
PY5BK BLN1 Equipamentos e Projetos de APRS - http://www.bitbaru.com 16h58m
PY5BK BLN2 (Online APRS Tools) http://aprs.club 16h58m
SM5RVH-1 BLN0 SK5BN trafiknat varje Sondag kl 20:30 145,600 25m18s
SR5ZBL BLN9 145.762MHz C127 -060 Zapraszamy do TESTU RPT w Siedlcach 6s
VE7VIC-15 BLN1 Net Mondays 19:00 146.840- T100.0 7m36s
W0CHP-10 BLN0 W0CHP-10 US weather forecast via APRS message. 21m32s
W0CHP-10 BLN1 Send a message to W0CHP-10 for a weather forecast at your location. 21m32s
W0CHP-10 BLN2 Many more commands available...use 'help' 21m32s
W0PHX BLN0 TUES NET 8PM 147.195+ pl151.4 1m41s
W0PHX BLN1 SUN NET 8PM 147.195+ PL151.4 35m41s
WA1GOV-10 BLN0 APRS to Twitter Gateway-Send an APRS message to WA1GOV-10 4h44m
WA1GOV-10 BLN1 Your call and message will appear as a tweet from @wa1gov 4h44m
WA1GOV-10 BLN2 Share your US WX forecast on Twitter-Send WXBOT to WA1GOV-10 4h44m
WA1GOV-10 BLN3 Get the next SATELLITE pass prediction for your QTH! 4h44m
WA1GOV-10 BLN4 Send an APRS message to WA1GOV-10 with a single uppercase 4h44m
WA1GOV-10 BLN5 SAT entry! See list: https://www.qrz.com/db/WA1GOV 4h44m
WH6ECG BLN0 146.680 -pl 88.5 Waimanalo repeater EARC net 1930 Mon-Sat 21h42m
WH6ECG BLN1 147.000 +pl 103.5 Windward Repeater 21h42m
WH6ECG BLN2 145.170 -pl 100.0 Kaneohe Allstar Repeater 21h41m
WH6ECG BLN3 147.000 +pl 103.5 Windward Oahu ARES Net first Wednesday each month at 2000 HST 21h41m
WH6ECG BLN4 442.6500 +cc1 NH6NN Brandmeister DMR repeater down 21h40m
WH6ECG BLN5 www.konaweb.com/net/index.cgi for more Hawaii net info 21h40m
WH6ECG BLN6 NH6NN Winlink gateway up on HF, VHF, PACTOR, ARDOP, Packet, WINMOR. VARA HF 21h39m
WXBOT BLN0 WxBot 1.28 US weather forecast via APRS message. 3h26m
WXBOT BLN1 Send a message to WXBOT for a weather forecast at your location. 3h26m
WXBOT BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 3h26m
WXSVR-AU BLN0 WxSvr 1.00 AU weather forecast via APRS message. 23m13s
WXSVR-AU BLN1 Send a message to WXSVR-AU for a weather forecast at your location. 23m13s
WXSVR-AU BLN2 see http://wxsvr.mmckernan.id.au for more info 23m13s
WXYO BLN0 WxBot 1.22 RO weather forecast via APRS message. 1h30m
WXYO BLN1 Send a message to WXYO for a weather forecast at your location. 1h30m
WXYO BLN2 see https://sites.google.com/site/ki6wjp/wxbot 1h30m
YM5KSM BLN1 TRAC MERSIN ROLE FREKANSLARI 145.600 Mhz 82.5 ton /439.425 Mhz 88.5 ton 13m38s
YM5KSM BLN2 APRS bir haberlesme seklidir,ARAC TAKIP SISTEMI DEGILDIR.. 3m8s
YM5KSM BLN5 https://www.qrz.com/db/TA5AHO 11m38s
YM5KSM BLN6 APRS IGate 144.800MHz SGate 145.800MHz 6m38s
YM5KSM BLN7 http://www.trac.org.tr/ 1m8s
Announcements (BLNA - BLNZ)
callsign ID message age
LW1DSE BLNA Estación parcialmente alimentada con energía solar (24 celdas 10Wpk). 18h17m
LW1DSE BLNB Radiostation partially powered from Sun energy (24 cells 10Wpk). 18h17m
VK5RHO-1 BLNB Join the Email Group aprs.net.au/mailman/listinfo/ozaprs 59m38s
VK5RSC-1 BLNA Info/Help on APRS in Sth Aust at http://vk5.aprs.net.au 22m58s
Other groups
callsign ID message age
DB0INS BLN1WXEA DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in EA bis 20.01. 11:00Y° 28m17s
DB0INS BLN1WXEF DWD WARNUNG vor FROST in EF bis 20.01. 10:00ÐV 11m9s
DB0INS BLN1WXGTH DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in GTH bis 20.01. 11:00lj 34m20s
DB0INS BLN1WXSM DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in SM bis 20.01. 11:00µ' 16m21s
DB0INS BLN1WXUH DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in UH bis 20.01. 11:00ڷ 21m50s
DB0INS BLN1WXWAK DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in WAK bis 20.01. 11:00t¬ 5s
DB0INS-7 BLN1WXEA DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in EA bis 20.01. 11:00 28m19s
DB0INS-7 BLN1WXEF DWD WARNUNG vor FROST in EF bis 20.01. 10:00 11m11s
DB0INS-7 BLN1WXGTH DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in GTH bis 20.01. 11:00 34m21s
DB0INS-7 BLN1WXSM DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in SM bis 20.01. 11:00 16m27s
DB0INS-7 BLN1WXUH DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in UH bis 20.01. 11:00 21m58s
DB0INS-7 BLN1WXWAK DWD WARNUNG vor GLAETTE in WAK bis 20.01. 11:00 6s
DB0TGO-14 BLN4WXTXL WX in Berlin-Tegel, Germany at 04:20z: 4C, 86% Hum., Wind 3.5m/s 280 deg. (W) 12h51m
DB0TGO-15 BLN1WXBLN FROST in Berlin bis 20.01.20 10:00. Quelle: DWD 11m13s
DB0TGO-15 BLN4WXTXL WX in Berlin-Tegel, Germany at 16:20z: 4C, 86% Hum. 50m13s
F8ARO-AB BLN1FRA CQ serveur APRS-IS 16m35s
F8ARO-AB BLN2FRA Envoyer [To] CQSRVR-FR [Text] cq groupe 16m30s
F8ARO-AB BLN3FRA Message APRS email 16m25s
F8ARO-AB BLN4FRA Envoyer [To] MAIL-FR [Text] adresse email message 16m20s
F8ARO-AB BLN5FRA Annuaire QRZ.com 16m15s
F8ARO-AB BLN6FRA Envoyer [To] QUI-FR [Text] f indicatif 16m10s
F8ARO-AB BLN7FRA F6KAT Club Mtg mardi vendredi 15h Net ER-F1ZSJ 439.150MHz c071 -760 16m5s
IZ6RDB BLNEMAREN Adriatico Settentrionale: In atto burrasca da NordEst forza SETTE. 8h47m
IZ6RDB BLNHMAREC Adriatico Centrale: In atto burrasca da NordEst forza SETTE. In att 9h47m
IZ6RDB BLNIMAREC Adriatico Centrale: o isolati temporali con colpi di vento. 8h47m
IZ6RDB BLNLMARES Adriatico Meridionale: . 9h46m
KC1KKT-3 BLN0GOBCH Market Price: BTC: $8637.32 BCH: $331.6 17m43s
KC1KKT-3 BLN1GOBCH Market Change: BTC: -2.82% BCH: -3.55% 16m41s
KC1KKT-3 BLN2GOBCH Median Fees: BTC: $0.2294 BCH: $0.0009 15m41s
KC7MG-9 BLN Hllo Christy from Jack in DM42 2h11m
LX0APN-2 BLNALUX XLX270 Reflector https://xlx270.epf.lu/ 21m54s
LX0KA-10 BLNALUX ADRAD Club-Owend ass den 12te Februar an der Brasserie du Musée L-3714 Rümelingen 11m7s
LX1CU-13 BLNALUX XLX Reflector goes DMR https://xlx270.epf.lu/ 30m7s
LX6K-10 BLNALUX XLX270 B >< BM TG27062 , You can reach us ,73 1h17m
NEUTBA BLN1SYDWX Sydney Forcast 20th 28C Shower or two. 11h13m
NEUTBA BLN2SYDTD Tide 1.54M, Vis 25Km, Cloud 01 Okt, Air Qual 36, UV idx 0.0 15m24s
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX01 095301+0000 - Update: Midland - Coldwater - Orr Lake - snowfall 7h25m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX02 095301+0000 - Update: Orillia - Lagoon City - Washago - snowfall 7h25m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX03 050850+0000 - Update: Barrie - Collingwood - Hillsdale - snowfall 12h9m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX04 095420+0000 - Update: Bracebridge - Gravenhurst - snowfall warning 7h24m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX05 095420+0000 - Update: Huntsville - Baysville - snowfall warning 7h24m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX06 032327+0000 - Update: Newmarket - Georgina - Northern York Region - 13h55m
VE3LSR-4 BLN0WX07 012707+0000 - Update: Shelburne - Mansfield - Northern Dufferin 15h51m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX01 warning ended 7h25m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX02 warning ended 7h25m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX03 warning ended 12h9m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX04 ended 7h24m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX05 ended 7h24m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX06 snowfall warning ended 13h55m
VE3LSR-4 BLN1WX07 County - snowfall warning ended 15h51m
VR2ZDX-10 BLN0HKG Yellow Fire warning is in force 6h28m
YM2KDU BLN APRS Sabitte YM2KDU,WIDE2-2 Mobilde WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 1h9m
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This page shows real-time information collected from the Automatic Position Reporting System Internet network (APRS-IS). APRS is used by amateur (ham) radio operators to transmit real-time position information, weather data, telemetry and messages over the radio. A vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver, a VHF transmitter or HF transceiver and a small computer device called a tracker transmits it's location, speed and course in a small data packet, which is then received by a nearby iGate receiving site which forwards the packet on the Internet. Systems connected to the Internet can send information on the APRS-IS without a radio transmitter, or collect and display information transmitted anywhere in the world.
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